Why can a car be an investment?

What if the car was an investment? More than an unnecessary expense, it can be a smart purchase that will pay off over time. Here is a concrete example!

Treat yourself by investing

The car market is undergoing great changes since the spread of the electric car. While some people think that all the best cars have already been produced, this can be qualified: the most emotional cars may have been produced, but they are still on the market. While investing is in fashion, it can also be done while enjoying yourself. Buying the car you've always wanted or the one you associate with a memory can be a good way to invest your money, if the choice of vehicle is made wisely.

A practical example

Let's take a concrete example of a good car investment: a 355 horsepower Porsche 997 Carrera S from 2005. Bought for €41,000 a year and a half ago, the car had 135,000 km on the clock. Its engine was completely rebuilt by Porsche in 2018, for €21,000. This new engine has since covered 16,000 km. Since the buyout, slight modifications have been made: _ stickers corresponding to the model have been put on the sides and on the roof of the car, for about 150-200 €. _the spoiler has been changed, for 170 €. _as well as short springs.

AM Importation at your service

We can advise you on how to invest wisely in your car, while enjoying yourself. Our car experts by brand or classic car will be able to guide you to prepare your purchase and find the vehicle that suits you best.