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Our importer services

As a car broker, we are your main contact for bringing in your used car from Germany and Europe.
Because buying a used car can also be a risk, we don’t just find good deals: we look for the best for you.

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Our packages and guarantees

Our packages and guarantees

Expertise Option

Comfort Pack

The Administrative Pack

Tax clearance and vehicle registration option

Additional guarantees

Expertise Option

Recommended for vehicles with high mileage

    You have found one or more interesting vehicle advertisements and would like to check its condition, purchase conditions and documents to make sure that it is really the right deal? Our on-site car advisors will come and carry out the complete expertise for you!

    • On-site visit by one of our experts
    • Photographs of the vehicle
    • Checking the condition of the tyres, brakes, bodywork, interior, video of the engine running
    • Verification of administrative documents

    Following the valuation, you can negotiate with the seller and purchase the property yourself or use our team as part of our Management and Peace of Mind packages

220€ TTC

Comfort Pack

Livraison en 10 jours à la frontière / 20 jours à domicile

    Delivery within 10 days by truck to the Rouffach depot near the German border (between Colmar and Mulhouse) or to your home within an additional 20 days.

    • Investigation of the vehicle: maintenance, history, number of owners, condition of consumables, interior and exterior condition, verification of any defects
    • Verification of documents: vehicle registration, conformity and homologation, request for a new technical inspection, verification of the purchase contract
    • Negotiation of purchase conditions according to the seller’s conditions
    • Management of administrative formalities at the German prefecture
    • Provisional French WW registration in your name valid for 4 months before final registration to be carried out by you


    It is possible to collect your vehicle from the Rouffach depot 15 days to 1 month after the vehicle has been delivered*.
    *Supplement only of €250 for large vehicles (large utility vehicles, large SUVs, large minivans and long vehicles).

1900€ TTC

The Administrative Pack

Vehicle purchase management - Delivery not included

    Our team of automotive experts will accompany you in your purchase and the vehicle will be collected by you from the garage in Germany (delivery not included).

    • Investigation of the vehicle: maintenance, history, number of owners, condition of consumables, interior and exterior condition, possible defects
    • Checking of documents: vehicle registration, conformity and homologation, request for a new technical inspection, checking of the purchase contract
    • Negotiation of purchase condition
    • Administrative formalities at the German prefecture
    • Provisional French WW registration in your name valid for 4 months
    • Help and advice to prepare your journey to Germany and to collect your vehicle
    • Telephone assistance with our bilingual German/French manager during the collection from the garage in Germany: he makes sure that you leave the garage with all the documents, asks the German seller to configure the vehicle in French and to install the number plates


1100€ TTC

Tax clearance and vehicle registration option

    When importing a vehicle from Germany and other European countries, whether new or used, a tax receipt (or tax certificate) must be requested from the tax authorities in order to obtain a vehicle registration document in France.


    For your convenience, our AM Importation team will carry out the following tasks for you

    • Application for a tax receipt
    • French vehicle registration file

200€ TTC

Additional guarantees

Additional protection and guarantees

    Thanks to our partner CarGarantie, we can offer you additional guarantees in the event of unexpected repair costs and full coverage in the event of a breakdown, so that you are effectively protected when you buy your used car.


Your delivery made by carrier truck

More economical and more reliable, the delivery of our imported vehicles is carried out by car transport truck. Your car does not take any extra mileage and is delivered to the border or directly to your home depending on your choice of service. Our professional drivers are just waiting for your car to load!

Transport truck

Our seven steps

1. First Stage

Searching for the vehicle

Have you already spotted one or more interesting vehicle advertisements or do you have a more or less precise idea of what you are looking for and do you need advice? Then you can contact our car advisors by phone to discuss it directly or via the request form. Our team of car brokers will accompany you to consult together the relevant advertisements according to your criteria, then they will take care of the steps to make import the new or second-hand vehicle which you chose.

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2. Second Stage

Detailed report

A car advert has been selected, our car broker assigned to your request contacts the seller and comes back to you with all the details of the car: maintenance history, number of owners, interior / exterior condition, state of consumables (tyres and brakes), warranties offered, negotiations obtained, any defects found. And the advice of our team of experts: should you buy it or not?

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Third Stage

Choice of service

Once the vehicle has been found and all the checks carried out, we offer you several levels of service. Select the offer that suits you: Expertise Offer, Management Pack (delivery not included), Tranquility Pack (delivery included at the border or at home).

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Forth Stage

Order and payment

After collecting your identity card or passport and proof of address, we will send you the order form for the garage, which is translated into French. You pay the garage and our service separately.

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Fith Stage

Provisional registration

Once the purchase is made, our import service registers the vehicle provisionally in French, valid for 4 months. We determine together the delivery or collection date of your vehicle.

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Sixth Stage

Handing over the keys

Depending on the service you have selected (Expertise Offer, Management Pack, Peace of Mind Pack), we will accompany you to collect your vehicle on site or have it delivered to you (at the border or at home). No need to speak German, we will assist you on the phone thanks to our teams located on site.

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Seventh Stage

Defenitive registration

Your vehicle has been delivered and you can now enjoy it to the full! After the purchase, you have four months to obtain your tax receipt and complete the procedures for your final French registration. We can carry out all of these procedures "Service quitus fiscal + application for a definitive vehicle registration document" as an option for 200€ TTC (option not included in the packs).

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The benefits of importing

1. 10 to 40% lower price, studied by a car broker

2. 3 times the fleet size with vehicles imported from Germany or Europe

3. Vehicles with more options

4. New cars available more quickly

5. Better condition of vehicles

Survey of the vehicle
Negotiation of purchase terms
Formalities and provisional registration
Delivery to train stations or airports in 47 cities in France
Negotiation of purchase terms