The Netherlands

The import market for vehicles from the Netherlands to France has been steadily growing in recent years. The most popular models are compact cars, light commercial vehicles, and electric vehicles.

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The netherlands

The car in the Netherlands

The automotive market in the Netherlands is considered one of the best in Europe. The Dutch are particularly renowned for the careful maintenance of their vehicles. Thus, you can find used cars in excellent condition at attractive prices.

In addition, the Netherlands has put in place green initiatives to encourage the use of low-emission vehicles, both electric and hybrid. From this perspective, imports present great purchasing opportunities for thermal cars.

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Why should you import your car from the Netherlands?


If you want to import a vehicle from Europe, there are several reasons to be interested in the Netherlands.

First of all, they offer a wide choice of used cars, especially thermal ones, at a competitive price. These vehicles offered by particularly serious automotive professionals are generally better maintained than in other European countries.

Finally, the prices of cars from the Netherlands are rarely negotiated and particularly accessible.

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Shopping opportunities

Importing used hybrid vehicles offers the guarantee of savings of 15 to 30% on purchase from the manufacturer, but also in the long term.



Official dealerships offer more hybrid models throughout Europe, at a competitive price with the security of having a mechanical guarantee of quality.


Large choice

Hybrid cars have lower fuel consumption than traditional cars, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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