Importing an American Car from Europe.

In Europe, importing vehicles from the United States comes with numerous advantages, especially following the simplification of its process.

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The American Automotive Market: Import Your Pick up, Camaro, Mustang.

Purchasing Your American Vehicle from Europe.

Do you wish to acquire an iconic US pickup but are unsure how to proceed? It is entirely possible to import an American vehicle to France through an automotive importer such as AM Importation.

The strong demand that has developed around the American market offers a wide range of used models in Europe.

The Most Imported American Car Brands in Europe.

The United States provides a great diversity of vehicles, including American icons such as the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Cadillac Escalade, and Chevrolet Camaro. In addition to these iconic models, the market also extends to renowned European brands such as BMW, Audi, Maserati, Ferrari, and many others. This variety results in an extremely dynamic market where the costs of European brands are often reduced compared to local prices in the United States.

Why Import Your Car from the USA to Europe?


If you are considering buying an American vehicle, importing comes with several advantages.

The significance of the American market offers a wide variety of options in Europe to satisfy the preferences of every enthusiast, whether you are looking for a Ford Ranger or a Chrysler Crossfire.

Thanks to a simplified process since September 2023, these cars are particularly accessible, with prices on average 30% lower than the original ones.


Simplified Homologation Process

Since September 2023, costs and delays related to the homologation of imported vehicles have been significantly reduced.


Wide Range of Choices

Importation offers an exceptional variety of American cars, catering to the needs of each customer.


Competitive Prices in the European Market

Purchasing vehicles in the United States provides an average savings of about 30%, making these models more accessible for import.

Our Latest Imported American Vehicles

The importation of each vehicle from the United States requires compliance with European standards, especially in terms of safety. This process once involved several steps, including validation by competent bodies such as DREAL and UTAC, following a technical inspection.

However, since September 1, 2023, French legislation has significantly simplified the homologation process for American vehicles. Now, when the vehicle receives European registration, a visit to UTAC is no longer necessary. This regulatory change has led to a significant reduction in costs and time associated with the homologation of imported vehicles, thus simplifying the importation of American cars into Europe.

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AM Importation: Your Importer of American-Origin Cars.

At AM Importation, we are committed to offering you the best in the importation market, all at an affordable price. That’s why our experts guide you through the homologation process. In collaboration with our partner, KVN Homologation, we offer you the opportunity to homologate all types of vehicles from the United States but also from Japan and Dubai, all for an advantageous flat fee of €1500. This ensures the compliance of your future vehicle with a simplified and cost-effective process.

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